Younity: Pitching Dropbox for the Smartphone Era


Younity promised a kind of perfect file management solution in an age when the typical consumer owned up to at least four different types of devices (e.g. desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone): a “personal cloud” for files that stretched across, and was compatible with, all these types of devices. Originating with iOS, users could instantly access, share and search all files and libraries directly from a Younity app on the iPhone or iPad in a server-less system with no private files stored online.

The only hitch was that by the time Younity came through Transform PR’s door, its app had been available for nearly a year, somewhat taking the sheen off of Younity’s otherwise enticing value proposition. With the assistance of Transform PR’s earned media solutions, and SocialRadius’ social media strategies, Younity would not only have to seek out potential users who had not heard of the app, but the technology would have to be positioned as significantly different enough from the original launch so that it might still seem newsworthy to the proper influencers.


An emphasis on the kinds of app-centric publications that consistently delivered not only hundreds of thousands to millions of eyeballs, but also showed a consistent record of converting those eyeballs into downloads.
Position Younity as the perfect solution to cloud storage in the post-PRISM era, a kind of “Snapchat for files.”
Fill in gaps and slow periods in the app development cycle with initiatives like thought leadership, product giveaways and increased social media engagement.

Stories and app reviews in a number of popular technology outlets, including Mashable, TechCrunch, Lifehacker, VentureBeat, WIRED,Pando, Fast Company, PC World, Boy Genius Report (BGR) and The Register. Younity was also named one of VentureBeat’s 26 most amazing startups to watch in 2014.
Online media placements reaching 69,596,402 monthly readers, representing a publicity value of $1,510,361 USD.
In a matter of months, Younity’s following on Twitter grew from only 544 to 2,705, a nearly 500 percent increase in industry-relevant engagers and potential downloaders.
In the first four months Transform and SocialRadius were Younity’s agencies of record, the app saw its best period of sustained growth, consistently ranking as a Top 500 app in the competitive “Productivity” section of Apple’s App Store.