Cinematique: The Future of Advertising Technology, Today


Cinematique was a startup promising to transform ad technology in a way that had once only been the stuff of dreams. Cinematique’s platform promised touch-enabled, interactive commercials and videos right in the presentation of content itself. Like that shirt Leonardo DiCaprio is wearing? Click here. How about those Sandra Bullock earrings? Click there. Cinematique, by embedding links to products in the primary content itself, proposed saving the commercial by killing it.

In the age of the ubiquitous networked computer, dreaming so big wasn’t just about being visionary; it could be the only way to turn a profit. Ad click rates had been abysmally low since the launch of the first Web browser, whether it was an intrusive and annoying banner ad or the slightly more “contextual” (and sneakier) ads posed by Google’s AdSense and its successors. While AdSense was a good reason Google became a financial behemoth in the 21st century, no one had quite found the target consumer engagement magic bullet for the Internet Age. Cinematique promised something like native advertising taken to an entirely new level, an enticing prospect to both brand and ad reporter alike.

The problem faced by Cinematique was that—yes—it was in fact a very crowded industry with many companies in the business of trying to save advertising. In that kind of environment, it was essential that Cinematique distinguish itself, and the only way that would be possible was through the craft of public relations.


Leverage Transform’s decades-long relationship with ad-technology media, going back to the dawn of the Web, to help tell the Cinematique story.
Build up anticipation and ramp up press awareness of the Cinematique app long before it was released to the public.
Fill in gaps and slow periods in the Cinematique news cycle with a narrative-focused and targeted outreach to appropriately relevant verticals not yet familiar with Cinematique’s innovative platform (e.g. fashion, media, etc.).

Stories and features in a number of popular outlets that spanned relevant coverage areas, both for Cinematique’s general platform and mobile app, including articles in TechCrunch, Fashionista, Fast Company and WIRED, with the last asking, “Will Web Video Ever Be as Cool as This App?”
Online media placements reaching 44,711,670 monthly readers representing a publicity value of $301,974 USD.
After engaging Transform for nearly a year, the company soon raised nearly $1 million in its seed round at a time when most companies were feeling the crunch of their seed and Series A raises.