“In August 2012, with a week to go, I brought Michael and the SocialRadius team on board to help get the word out about my multidimensional future book THE NUMINOUS PLACE on Kickstarter. He and his wonderful team went at the campaign with passion, dedication and inventiveness, and Michael’s counsel throughout was wise and profound. These guys went above and beyond what I expected, and, the results speak for themselves: http://www.guardian.co.uk/books/appsblog/2012/aug/09/the-numinous-place-russell-crowe”

-Mark Staufer, Dadsaster | The Numinous Place | the Unusual Tail of Rory Pride | Bill Hicks’ biopic

“Michael’s in-depth knowledge, long history, and up-to-the-minute understanding of the current digital technology industry combine with his strategic skills to provide a vision of where we are, what to do, and how to get it done. He positions growth companies and the F500 into each new technology market space, and understands how to position early stage companies for their launch because he has started his own company more than once. When I want to catch up on the pulse of the industry, I call Michael. Excellent strategist.”

Joey Tamer, Strategic consultant to Internet & digital media entrepreneurs, and to expert consultants in all fields

“Mike is one of the best Public Relations people in Los Angeles. I have had the honor of Mike representing 4 of my companies. His broad range of knowledge and extensive industry contacts are impressive… and on top of that he is a great person to work with!”

Gregory Rotelli, President at Direct Response Financial Services, Inc. and Owner, Pacific Coast Capital Group, LLC

“I’ve been working with Xenia since early 2009, and I have been extremely pleased with her creative and results-oriented attitude. Xenia has a unique ability to get things done by combining sheer professionalism with a positive and personable work style. I highly recommend her for your next PR/MarCom initiative!”

Emmanuel Garcin, COO at Jahia Solutions

“Wow! Xenia coached us at DEMO Fall 2010 on our major presentation in Silicon Valley. The result: Ether2 wins a DEMOgod award in the Alpha category. She tailored our presentation the day before we went in front of the entire DEMO crowd, and we hit it big. Xenia had done extensive research in the area of networking, tailored our message, brought in major interest to our table from VCs and industry at the conference, and built us a win with her tenacity. I highly recommend Xenia for and public relations needs you have. She’s proven herself a winner in PR to us at Ether2, and I know she will do it for your company as well.”

David Dietrich, CEO of SafeSupply