“Promoting the Blockchain Globally”

Lead your market through a new approach to PR. Agency founder Michael Terpin disrupted the news-wire industry with the creation of MarketWire, started the first social media agency, and has launched or expanded the PR efforts of more than 1,000 tech companies from America Online and the Motley Fool to today’s hottest Bitcoin startups.
Transform leverages market knowledge and key influencer relationships to accelerate progress.
Proven success in launching and accelerating technology companies.
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Integrates transformative PR, thought leadership, blogger outreach, content marketing, events and more.
Deep domain expertise in mobile, ad/tech, digital media and entertainment, crowdfunding, digital currency/bitcoin, 3D, gaming and more.

One thought on ““Promoting the Blockchain Globally”

  1. It’s complicated (which is why I’ve invited Bitcoin expert, Michael Terpin, to speak at our Irrational Economic Summit this October in Nashville).
    I agree with both men that it’s a dangerous speculative trade right now. It is in a bubble, but we’re likely not near the top yet.

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